How to ask yourself the right question?

When there is a lot of change in a way of living, it is common for a man to become unsettled and to panic. When a human is in that state, his attention is almost always on the outward world. He is trying to find an outward reason for his internal state and is hoping that everything will return to earlier state.

But, it doesn’t need to be like that. If a man wakes up and realizes that he is not just a physical body, that the world is not against him but it is in fact its friend, and is responding to him in every moment – then there is a chance for a beautiful transformation.

It is ok to feel uncomfortable. It is ok to feel every emotion. The problem arises when we are not free to express our emotions in a healthy way and that’s how we block the life energy. That’s how we resist life which is happening anyway.

The real transformation occurs when we are in harmony with ourselves – when are thoughts, emotions and actions are aligned.

When I am not 100% clear what I want, or more precisely – what expression of life I would like to be, I ask questions to myself.

For example:

What can I do now so I can feel at peace?

How can I express myself creatively today and make value? How can I share it with the world?

What can I do to create a sincere smile on my face? Can I bring it to someone else too and how?

Which little step can I make today so I can continue the journey of my heart?

And so on… You get the idea. I accept 100% responsibility for the state of my being and focus my attention on the inside with these questions. If you try, you’ll see that answers to these kind of questions will come.

And then, you apply them and do it consistently. If you continue, one day, you’ll see that your world is changing in a miraculous way.

I wish you ocean of love, infinite joy, courage to follow your heart and peace beyond all understanding.