How to lead an inspired life?

Hello everyone 🙂

In this video I talk about how to lead an inspired life. You know, 7-8 years ago I was really unhappy. I worked as a computer programmer and felt like my time in this life was ticking away. I felt so empty. Then I started reading self help books, watching videos, started to meditate, etc… That’s when I’ve found about “Living in flow”. It fascinated me, but at that moment, it was so far away to me. I couldn’t really understand it, but somehow life directed me that way.

Today, I live an inspired life. In this video I share my personal experience with you. This is the short overview:

  1. You have to make peace with your past. Forgive to yourself and others. It will set you free.
  2. Start loving your moments. Reconnect with the child in you. Start some spiritual practice. Say “I love you” to your life.
  3. Be excited about your future. You are a miracle.

If you somehow got to this video and you like it, share it with somebody who you think might love it at this moment.

I wish you ocean of love and joy, courage to follow your heart and peace beyond all understanding.