How to let go?

Life is an art of unconditional love and letting go. But, sometimes it’s not easy to let go, at least according to my experience. That’s because we are so attached to our logical mind and instant fixes in these days. But life does not work that way.

So, can letting go be easier? For me, the only real way to let go is to wake up from deep sleep. What does it mean? It means that first you have to ask yourself “Who am I?”. And then, you have to look for the answer within.

You will probably experience lot of wrong answers from the intellect. For example: “I am my name and surname. I am my profession. I am my loving relationship. I am that kind of a men (woman), etc… “

And this is not true. You have to go deeper. You have to find the answer beyond the mind. I’ll share with you the simple process which you can try to meditate on.

First, notice that you have thoughts. Lots of them. In one moment you think about something. In the next moment, there is a next thought. And the next one… But, in that process of noticing them, you can realize that you are not your thoughts. You have thoughts, but you are not them. That was once a very difficult task for me, since I was used to think all the time.

After that, you may notice your feelings. There is one feeling now. And then comes another. But, you can also notice them. It is the same as with your thoughts. So, you now realize that you are not your feelings. You have them, but you are not them.

Then, notice that you take come actions during the day. You brush your teeth, you eat, drink, kiss, cry, smile, speak, sleep… And, since you can notice that you do all those things, you can now see that you are not your actions. You do your actions, but you are not them. You can notice them also.

Maybe you now think that you are your body. Notice the parts of your body. Spend some time noticing your head, arms, chest, from outside and inside. And then, realize that you can notice your body. You have body, but you are not it.

In that moment you can repeat to yourself:

I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.

I have feelings, but I am not my feelings.

I do things, but I am not what I do.

I have body, but I am not my body.

And then ask yourself: “Who am I?”. Stay in the silence. Be calm. Relaxed. You don’t need to see or hear the answer. By realizing that you are not all your identifications and roles, you gave yourself a chance to realize that you are much more than that. You see that there is a part of you which oversees all of that who you are. And you can now say:

I am the consciousness in which my thoughts, feelings, actions and body show up.

Maybe you’ll need time to calmly detach from everything. So, for example, you can try this exercise once a day for a month. But, when you finally realize who you are, it will be much easier to let go. You will become more conscious. You will wake up.

And then, your work is not done. Then is when you really start to learn and do what you came here to do. You will grow and learn now lessons. You will now have a chance to more consciously choose how you want to feel and what would you like to experience.

I would also suggest to practice Ho’oponopono, the art of letting go from Hawaii 🙂 You can find lot of information about it on the internet.

Thank you for reading. If you like this text, please share it with the people who you feel might enjoy it.

I wish you ocean of love and joy, courage to follow your heart and peace beyond all understanding.